Your Calgary Roof, Does your Calgary Roof need replacing?

Your Calgary Roof, Does it need replacing?

Roofing in Calgary has got to be the most competitive trade industry compared to all other trades.

With this in mind there is a reason why so many Calgary Roofs are getting replaced.

With all the wind, sun and hail Calgary gets the roofing on your home takes maximum punishment.

If you look around in your own community you have noticed that some or all of your neighbors are starting to replace their roofs.

If your current Calgary roof on your home is more than 10 years old its not a bad idea to get a roofing contractor to have a look and give you a roof inspection just to be aware of its current condition.

Roofs are like most things, example: Tires and oil. They only have so much life expectancy.

Picture of an old Calgary Asphalt Roof

Old Calgary Asphalt Roof

Old Calgary Asphalt Roof

Old asphalt shingles like shown above are the old Organic 3-Tab and are made of old tar paper and asphalt with a colored protective granule.

With time the sun dries out the tar paper causing the shingle to shrink and curl.

This makes the shingle buckle and lift. Any wind, heavy rain or even very light hail will shed the shingles granules leaving that mess in your downspouts.

This roof pic is an extreme case but goes to show how bad it can get.

 Picture of an old Cedar Shake roof


Old Calgary Cedar Shake Roof


This picture above is an example of an old Cedar Shake roof. As the wood weathers the shakes will dry out and split.

Splitting will cause pieces to fall out, leaving those extra landscaping wood you didn’t order in your yard.

When the pieces of shakes go missing off your roof this leaves the old paper underneath. Once the sun’s UV’s dry that paper

your roof is completely vulnerable.


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